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A project for Drexel’s Freshman Design, the team had 10 weeks to develop a game that filled a niche market, as well as conduct user evaluations, user-need surveys, and give presentations on the game design process.

This puzzle game requires the players to set up elaborate Rube Goldberg-esque sequences to get a ball to the goal in this physics simulator/puzzle game.  The only objects on screen that a player can manipulate are the arrows, which represent a force that will be transferred to whatever objects they collide with.  This game features a level editor and exporter and over a dozen types of items and environmental objects.

Not publicly released.

Released: April 13, 2011
Made With: Adobe Flash
Made For: Drexel Freshman Design

Ryan Daugherty: Design, Art, Programming, Sound Effects
Mike Bonawitz: Assistant Programming
[name withheld]: Documentation
[name withheld]: Documentation

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