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Official Game of the 2012 Polygrind Film Festival

A puzzle game developed as a form of viral advertising for the album “Musta Been Murder” by MC Randumb and Jewish Dave. Featuring cartoony graphics, a dark sense of humor, and music from the album, players must rearrange body parts to fit into the graves.

Because of the novelty of tieing an indie band’s music into a game, the game received notable attention from media in the Las Vegas area, as well as from a variety of blogs related to horror films, music, or games. Beating the game unlocked a variety of unlockables, such as free downloads of old albums, and free passes to Theater 7 (an official partner of the game) in Las Vegas. Featured as the official game and an attraction at the 2012 PolyGrind Film Festival.

The game received positive attention¬†from outside of the gaming audience; musicians, reporters, bloggers, and filmmakers were very interested in the cross promotional potential of video games. It also served as a very effective form of advertising; traffic to the band’s site and online store increased tenfold for a period after the game’s release.

Playable At:

Released: January 8, 2012
Made With: Adobe Flash
Made For: Hired by David Rosen to make a game to promote his album
Awards: Official Game of the 2012 Polygrind Film Festival

Ryan Daugherty: Design, Art, Programming, Sound Effects
MC Randumb and Jewish Dave: Music

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