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An application built using a combination of iOS and web development technologies, MtgWorks could be the perfect solution for your next corporate event! Present information wirelessly to as many iPads and iPhones as you want, and gather feedback and input from your audience in real time. Poll the crowd, ask them for suggestions, or simply let them share what on their mind, and MtgWorks provides ways to collect, analyze, and display this information quickly and easily. This product is developed by Cubist Media Group.

My responsibilities for MtgWorks involved designing the content management system for the application to allow for the creation, sharing, and editing of presentations and meetings, as well as improving the application itself in terms of flexibility, security, speed, and useability. Examples of some of my work include a completely redesigned user interface, the creation of a powerful CSS editing tool for nontechnical users, new forms of presentation analysis of data at meetings, and new ways for managers to communicate with users and direct the flow of communication.

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Released: July 27, 2012
Made With: HTML, PHP, Javascript
Made For: Cubist Media Group
Awards: Official Game of the 2012 Polygrind Film Festival

Ryan Daugherty: Programming, Client Architecture Design, Analytics
[1 name withheld]: Programming, Server Architecture Design, Hardware
[1 name withheld]: Business Management, Assistant Programming
[2 names withheld]: Business Management
[2 names withheld]: Graphic Design

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