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An app designed to interface with the MRP Grand Piano. This piano can convert electronic messages it receives to physical sound via electromagnets mounted over the strings of the piano, allowing for variable volume within a single note press. This app mimicks a keyboard’s look and sends OSC messages over the WiFi to a host computer attached to the MRP Piano. This allows the user to use the app to play the piano wirelessly, touching the touchscreen and having the grand piano generate noise acoustically. The app can also configure different settings about the magnets on the piano to calibrate it for different pianos (the set of magnets is modular).

The app also works as a two way form of communication; if special capacitive sensors are attached to the piano keys, the host computer will transmit information about the touch locations on the keys to the application. It will also display the pressure of all keys being pressed on the piano.

A set of protocols were developed that can allow almost any musical interface to interact with the MRP Grand Piano.

Released: July 30, 2011
Made With: Objective C++
Made For: Drexel STAR Scholars

Ryan Daugherty: All MRPConnect work, All app and protocol work (ie everything that isn’t the piano itself)
Andrew McPherson: All MRP Grand Piano work

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