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Microsoft Azure Fabric is the large scale infrastructure the cloud computing service is built upon.

As a Software Engineer for the OneDeploy team, I made tools to simplify and automate the test process for other engineers, saving significant resources by raising code quality, saving developer time, and reducing merge issues. These tools have automated the work of an entire team’s worth of engineers and an enormous collection of dedicated machines, freeing both for other uses and saving money. Highlights have included:

Designing a self-healing dynamic pool of test virtual machines that can be instantly used for testing as opposed to needing dedicated test machines and support engineers to manage them.

Automated commonly used tedious processes into configurable pipelines and web applications, allowing anyone to test their code whenever they want rather than needing to run a bunch of error prone commands and manually configuring a device.

Built an improved system for quarantining customer and employee data in the cloud to let developers more easily test their code in production environments while adhering to corporate and legal guidelines.

Worked on team from September 2015 to Present
Made With: C#
Made For: Microsoft OneDeploy

Ryan Daugherty
OneDeploy Team

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