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Finalist in The Game Crafter’s Mystery Games Competition

A fast paced and hilarious party game, try to be the best possible Goon and pull off as many successful heists as possible with up to seven of your friends!  This game is all about deception, greed, cooperation, and money.  Steal as much as you can, but watch out because getting too greedy will send you to jail.

Adding variety is the rotating Boss position which pits one player against the rest of the others each turn.  The game also includes ten unique optional Roles which add replayability and depth to the game.

This game was rushed out in time for the competition and to keep pricing as low as possible.  After extensive playtesting, an improved version with better components, streamlined rules, and more replayability is currently in development (this will be called Let’s Rob a Bank: Boss Edition).

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Released: March 27, 2014
Physical Board Game
Made For: Independent Project
Awards: Finalist in The Game Crafter’s Mystery Games Competition

Ryan Daugherty: Design, Writing, Development
Jon Ahnert: Art, Assistant Design

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