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A now defunct internet radio service (akin to Pandora or Spotify), FindMeRADIO focused on independant bands and strong local music scenes.

FindMeRADIO aimed to be a “for the bands by the bands” service, and hundreds of bands from across the country have given their input as to what they want from the service. We actively formed partnerships with record labels, venues, music blogs and promoters, talent agencies, and a variety of other potential partners.

My involvement in FindMeRADIO was as founder, head programmer, head of business affairs, and team manager. There were two other full time FindMeRADIO team members in addition to a few part-time helpers.  I did hands-work for both the technical side of the site and the business/negotiation side of the service.

After gathering a significant collection of partners, music, and a rough demo, FindMeRADIO was scrapped as the team members moved to focus on different projects.

Never released.
Made With: PHP, HTML, Javascript
Made For: Drexel STAR Scholars

Ryan Daugherty: Business Management, Community Management, Programming, Team Management
[1 name withheld]: Community Management, Programming
[1 name withheld]: Community Management, Assistant Programming

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