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A simple physics simulator with a variety of different types of particles and objects, each of which has unique interactions with the other particles. Demonstrates a variety of unique physical concepts such as a liquid and gas’s tendency to spread, a solid’s tendency to pile, flammability, and flotation. Due to it being one of the earliest things I programmed, it suffers from some inefficiencies and slowdowns, but is still very entertaining as a time waster.

Because of the novelty of tieing an indie band’s music into a game, the game received notable attention from media in the Las Vegas area, as well as from a variety of blogs related to horror films, music, or games. Beating the game unlocked a variety of unlockables, such as free downloads of old albums, and free passes to Theater 7 (an official partner of the game) in Las Vegas. Featured as the official game and an attraction at the 2012 PolyGrind Film Festival.

The game received positive attentionĀ from outside of the gaming audience; musicians, reporters, bloggers, and filmmakers were very interested in the cross promotional potential of video games. It also served as a very effective form of advertising; traffic to the band’s site and online store increased tenfold for a period after the game’s release.

Unfortunately I no longer have any copies of this game.

Released: June 1, 2008
Made With: Java
Made For: Independent Project

Ryan Daugherty: Design, Art, Programming

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