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Amazon Web Services is a massive system designed to provide “cloud computing on demand”.

As a Software Development Engineer for the Live Device Automation team, I worked on tools to help automate and audit the configuration of the devices that powered AWS.  These scripts and tools helped to unify the methods for updating and configuring these devices, preventing the need for manual changes which would potentially bring down capacity or corrupt data.

My work involved designing an automated deployment system and designing universal APIs to make it easier to have the same code interact with different types of servers.  This also entailed developing a new internally used programming language to simplify the process and allow non-technical users to specify configuration details and safety checks to verify success.

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Worked on team March to September 2013
Made With: Python
Made For: Amazon Web Services
Awards: Official Game of the 2012 Polygrind Film Festival

Ryan Daugherty
Live Device Team

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